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Carnival Game Night

Welcome to our carnival night! If you are looking to plan a fun entertaining evening then a carnival night might be just what the doctor ordered. We come to your event and set up an entire themed night and package complete with games, attendants, music, DJ's, light show, prizes and more. Step right up and win the lady a prize! All of the classic American midway is brought to life in a CES carnival package. Some of the exciting options for this package are Games Galore, Hover Ball Floating gallery, basketball shoot, Disc Jockey, karaoke, game show, light show, classic carnival games and of course all of the prizes. The carnival night is also a great way to hold a fun interactive safe fund raising event. Adding a complete CES package can make any after school lockin an all night success. PTO's schools, charities and other organizations looking to raise money contact us to speak with a CES representative about this option.

Carnival Midway- Your guests will love the 3 in 1 carnival game!! It’s the perfect start to hosting your own carnival themed party with the Inflatable Carnival! This inflatable includes 3 games with vibrant artwork that will make any space feel like a carnival. This 3 in 1 also includes built in rings to display prizes. Let us customize a full carnival midway experience with multiple games, prizes, treats and more. Bring the Midway excitement home. 

Carnival Game tents- These 10x10 tents offer a full interactive environment for all your guests. These game tents can hold such carnival games as zaps, cover the spot, ring toss, pyramid game, ultimate puzzle and more. These tents come complete with attendant and prizes to keep the action going all day long. Our tents offer a unique way to raise money or just to have some fun at your next event!

Grand Carnival
This is a large full color graphic game that houses multiple carnival games and or sound system. This allows for prizes and music to be held inside with multiple carnival games. This is the ultimate carnival display for any large event setup.

Carnival Dome- The 30ft carnival dome offers a new level of interaction and excitement. The dome actually allows your guests to walk inside and be part of the action. The adventure dome can be used stand alone to attract attention to store fronts or special events. A music system with Disc Jockey and complete lighting system can be used to enhance the inflatable dome and turn it into a complete dance party. The main focus of the Carnival Dome is to place a variety of different activities inside the dome to keep your guests entertained. Some of the carnival games may include zapped wire, crazy driver, rat race, cover the spot, tic tac toe blocks ect. The Carnival Dome offers hours of non stop entertainment for your guests and can be customized to meet any need.

Shooting Gallery- Our new Carnival shooting gallery is the hit of any party! It includes stand up targets and nerf rifles that fire safe foam darts at each target. The shooting gallery comes complete with stand, targets and a colorful red backdrop that is lettered. This is a game of skill and can come with prizes. It is easy to learn but hard to master. The suggested firing range is about 10ft and the recommended age is 5 and above.

Ring a Bull game. This is a complete steel frame game that has a plastic ring that hangs in front of the unit with a rope. The player has to swing the ring and loop it onto the metal hook on the board. It offers a game of skill and chance all in one unit. This is also a popular game in some bars we are told using a larger model. The trick is to get a small angle and catch the metal loop on the way back. Try it out it's not so easy to do. This is sure to be the hit of the party!

Crazy Driver range. Well it's just that wacky and wild. The player has to control a small ball going down the lane without going off the sides. If you do your out! Game offers a nice 3 speed setting easy, medium and hard for all ages. At first it starts off easy but as you get to the end you will steady hands and quick wit to get the ball into the holder. Can you handle the Wacky Driver?

3 of Kind Dice Game. A classic all steel frame game that offers the luck of the dice. The game works by a ball being swung and the dice hits 3 large plastic dice. If you get 3 of kind you win the prize! If you get 2 of a kind you get a second place prize. This a great game for all ages and has a great full colored back drop like all of the steel frame units. This is a great unit for a quick easy turn around of people waiting.

Lucky Ducky Pond. This is the all time carnival game classic that is a big hit with the kids and families. There are a lot of Ducky Ponds around some are home made. Well not with our unit. It offers a deluxe setting with plastic molding tray that fills with clean water. We then turn on a pump and the water flows around in a giant circle where all the ducks float by. The kids are amazed by the ducks floating by. When the duck comes by the kids get to pick one up and see if they are a winner! This is a high paced very quick unit that allows a lot of kids through very quickly. Our ducky pond also offers a very colorful back drop with a complete table. Ask about our deluxe lucky ducky pond today for your next event.

Rat  Race. Are you ready to enter the Rat Race? Well you now can without the effort and work. The Rat Race game is race game that allows players to pick up there own cute electric rat. The rat is placed in his own track and then the gate is opened up and the race begins! The first rat to run down the track and reach the end if the winner. Kids love picking there own rat and cheering on to victory. A truly unique game that offers the thrill of the race with a cute rat of your own to pick!

Conk the Crow- This colorful 7x7 display is perfect for the little ones or anyone looking for a challenge. Those darn crows won't go away from the farmers fence without a little help. Take your best aim and fire! Knock those crows off and win a prize. Each crow is a different size and let me tell you it's not that easy. Great for all ages and it offers one of the nicest color displays we have seen.

Gone Fishin- Colorful, delightful, and cute describes this adorable new game. Gone Fishin' appeals to young and old as they try to catch the Puffer Fish resting in the canvas. Each fish has a screw is it's the nose and the magnet on the end of the pole picks the fish up fast. This 7'x7' game is colorful, compact, cute, and sets up in minutes. Everyone will love trying to catch the big fish for a prize.

Pumpkin Chunkin- Toss our giant pumpkin balls and score points. This beautiful canvas backdrop highlights the Fall theme all through Oct and beyond. Just in time for all your Fall fairs and festivities. This goes along excellent with our carnival packages.

Pablo the Porcupine - A great new frame game where you have to toss rings on the porcupine. This is a high color graphic game great for all ages. Frame games offer excitement and prizes and require minimal setup and best of all no power to run the game.

Snow Ball Fight- New winter game that offers the snow ball challenge. Throw our soft foam snow balls at the holes to win great prizes. This is a high color graphic game great for all ages. Frame games offer excitement and prizes and require minimal setup and best of all no power to run the game.

Santa Clause is Coming- This unique Holiday game gives you the chance to throw presents into Santa’s bag for prizes.  This is a high color graphic game great for all ages. Frame games offer excitement and prizes and require minimal setup and best of all no power to run the game.

Corn Hole Toss. This is all the rage out west. Corn hole is a deluxe toss game using bean bags. The board is set up and then players line up and try their best to get the bean bags into the target. Each player is trying there best to hit the target. The board offers a deluxe color board featuring two of the hottest sports teams in New England, The Patriots and Boston Red Sox.  The boards can be set up as a carnival game, team setup or long range toss game. This is simply one of the best games we offer and even our staff plays it!

Zap Wire Game- Don't get zapped! This unique carnival game offers challenge and nerves of steel concentration. The object is to get the metal loop to the bottom of the unit without touching the side. If you do then a buzzer and light go off. Win a large prize if you don't get zapped! This unit is great for any event looking to spice it up a bit.

Cover the Spot game. On this classic carnival game the red spot must be covered completely with no red showing at all. Sounds easy with the metal discs right? Well no so, it is one of the hardest games on the midway to win. Even with a steady hand even a slight move can ruin your round. Any sliver of red showing is an out. Do you think you have what it takes to cover the spot and win a giant prize?

Giant Jenga- Just like the classic Jenga game at home our giant version allows hours of fun outside or indoors. These new lawn games are all the rage these days. Ask about our package deals for multiple lawn games, cornhole, Jenga, connect 4, giant checkers.

Connect Four- Giant connect 4 game for outside lawn games. Just like playing inside with the small table top version. The new giant connect 4 game offers hours of entertainment for all your guests.

Giant checkers- Play giant checkers on the floor or lawn area for a new twist on a classic game.

Ring a Coke bottle toss game. This is another American classic midway game. You get a bunch of plastic rings and do your best to ring the bottle top. Looks easy right? Well it's not and it is one of the hardest to win at. We are told the odds are as high as 1 in 500 or more! That is why you see the large prizes at the fairs with this game. This is a sure hit success for all ages and crowds. Let's get some rings and hit the bottle top!

Milk Bottle toss. Get your throwing arm ready! We set up the target and you strike them down. If you knock all the bottles off usually 3 you win a good prize. Of course the milk bottles are heavy and not that easy to hit. Each player gets baseballs or softballs to use. We also also have nice color displays units as a seven ten split game setup. Get ready and fire away!

Tic-Tac-Toe. This is our version of the kids game tic tack toe. You need three in a row to win and then your golden. If you have a steady hand and a little luck it can be done. This is a great game for all ages and allows for a fun filled afternoon. Get your throwing hand ready and go for it!