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Photo Gallery

Welcome to the CES Photo page. This part of the website is designed to help display some of our many services and activities for your next event. When you are finished viewing this section we recommend going to our service page for a more detailed description of each of our services. We also offer a free information package and interactive CD-ROM for your computer. Please call or email us for further information. This page may take some time to load please be patient! Enjoy.

DJ Recording Studio

DJ Recording Unit

Speed Pitch with light show

Games Galore 3 Sided Toss

Games Galore outside

Cash Cube

Cash Cube

Zap Wire Game

Hover Ball Tent with Prizes

Carnival Fun Night!

Carnival Fun Night

Video Arcade Tent

Velcro Wall Fun.

The large Inflatable Twister Game

Obstacle Course Highlights

Obstacle Course Fun!

Obstacle Course Bars

Large Inflatable Chair

Inflatable Dome and Sky Dance

18ft Wet/ Dry Slide

Jumbo Inflatable Screen front view.

Dual Ax throw game

New Grand Carnival

High Voltage Chaos Obstacle

DJ Recording Studio in Tent

Radar Speed Pitch with Display

Speed Pitch Out Doors

Velcro Dart Throw

Basketball Toss

Cash Cube

Zap Wire Game

Hover Ball Tent

Carnival Fun Night

Large 12x12 Movie Screen Night

Video Arcade Tent

Velcro Wall Side View

Large Castle Bouncer

Obstacle Course Side View

Obstacle Course Top View

What you see inside the course.

Inflatable Movie Screen/ Prom Package

45ft Inflatable Race Track

Photobooth at Fenway Park

Rear view of 18ft Wet/Dry Slide

Side View of Skee Ball Game

Dual Ax Throw Toss

Grand Carnival

Lego Bounce House