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Inflatable Movie Screen

If you are looking for a fun movie night out or giant video game screen playing system then look no further than our jumbo movie screen. Everybody loves a great movie and we can provide the entire package in one easy phone call. We provide all the needed equipment for a great night anytime of the year. Our large video screens can fit inside most large rooms and function facilities. We also provide a clean crisp sound system for the entire audience to enjoy the sound of the movie or game playing. Our inflatable movie screen can be used in parks, parking lots or any flat surface wide enough to support it. Our screen size offers plenty of viewing room for large crowds 16'Wx13'H. We also stock smaller screens in front and rear projection of 6'x8' and 12'x12'. The possibilities are nearly endless. Our video systems offer digital DVD production for superb picture quality and bright DLP projectors to show clean, crisp image from some distance away.

When booking our inflatable movie night package the options never seem to end. Our systems can also project a live game show for the entire audience to see and participate in live. We bring in the sound system, game show with buzzers, host and music. Some of our game shows available on large screen include versions of Deal or No Deal, Jeopardy, Trivia Squares, Wheel of Fortune and more. We can even offer fun party foods for every ones enjoyment such as cotton candy, hot popcorn and sno cones. If your worried about electricity we have you covered. Ask about our portable power generators for instant power on site. Please call us for film licensing information to see if your event requires one or not.

Guitar Hero Game- This popular game has become the newest rage in the gaming industry. Similar to Dance, Dance Revolution game with the exception that there is a guitar and not a dance pad. Guitar hero let's you play like a musician with all the songs and cues in the game. Guitar hero offers a complete playing experience with a friend allowing two friends to play at the same time. Each guitar has a series of buttons and levers that are pushed when the color comes up on the screen. You actually play along with the song and if you miss cue the song reflects it. This is a great Virtual Reality experience without much work or gear. Let the music come out in with our Guitar hero gaming system. Our guitar here gaming system can come with a large LCD TV, deluxe sound system or one of our large inflatable screens for complete gaming action!

Virtual Reality Racing- Our VR Race Car Simulators offer hot competitive action. Each race car seat offers a full steering wheel with shock movement and vibration feature. It also comes with two pedals for Gas and Brake features. The steering wheel reacts live with the video game when racing giving both players a real life experience. We can even add our large video screen for entire room play and effect. Our video game simulators come with a complete sound system for the full effect and noise expected at a real race. Every curve and turn will sound over the system with complete stereo digital quality. The race car simulators offer a number of options to choose from with multiple car selections, sports cars, trucks and more. The race car simulator seat is based on a real race car seat proving complete comfort for the rider. For the best action and thrill the simulator is based around two players competing at the same time where you can race your friend on over 40 courses throughout the world! We stock the Grand Turismo series and Ford vs. Chevy and more. Simply put this gaming system is intense and provides hours of entertainment for all ages. Let's Race!

Dance, Dance Revolution DDR- This game is sweeping the nation and the world. Started in Japan in 1998 the craze has finally reached here in the US and luckily for you CES has the platforms and all the cool technology to pump up the Dance experience to the next level. We can bring our heavy duty industrial platforms in with a large projector screen and deluxe sound system to play over the entire audience. The competition and excitement this game creates is absolutely astonishing to watch. Get caught up in the Dance, Dance revolution game and let CES bring the fun and prizes to your next event! The options include a flat screen monitor, TV setup or large 6x8 or 12x12 projector screen. We also stock all the new DDR discs with many new and cool songs to keep the dancing going all night long. Our platforms are commercial grade and not bought at a local retail store. They include the large support handle and soft step arrow pads for comfort and control. The game is played on a dance pad with four # arrow panels: left, down, up, and right. These panels are pressed using the player's feet, in response to arrows that appear on the screen in front of the player. The arrows are synchronized to the general rhythm or beat of a chosen song, and success is dependent on the player's ability to time and position his or her steps accordingly.

Popcorn Machine- Fresh popcorn at any event. Our 8oz popper is large enough to feed most crowds. Each popcorn rental comes with all the supplies needed to keep the popcorn popping. The popcorn is prepacked in seasoning packs with popcorn seeds, butter and salt. No mixing is required, simply cut the pouch open and pour the popcorn and mix into the machine. Our popcorn machine makes a great addition to any movie night, carnival night or DJ party that just wants a good snack.

Cotton Candy Machine- Our Cotton Candy Machine offers the fresh hot feel and taste of the cotton candy. For cotton candy to taste great it has to be made fresh and not bagged over long periods of time. This unit allows for up to three cones a minute when fully warmed up. Each cotton candy cone can be made with the standard cone or bagged for easy eating and travel. The cotton candy machine also offers different flavored sugar floss such as blue, pink vanilla and others. Each sugar floss has a unique flavor so ask what flavors we have in stock!

Sno Cone Machine- Our Sno cone maker can shave an incredible amount of ice in and hour. Each rental comes with the cones and your choice of sno cone syrup. We stock cherry, orange, grape and blue raspberry flavors. This sno cone machine makes a great addition to any company picnic or birthday party looking for some cool relief from a hot summer day. This is a great way to cool down on a hot day or large indoor dance event!