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Magazine Covers

Green Screen Photo Fantasy- Our green screen photos, old time photos, fantasy photos or magazine covers offers a complete entertainment package for one great event. Here's how it works. We have your guests stand in front of a 10x10 green cloth on a trussing system. This unit fits inside just about room or function hall. We then add the green screen photo magic to it! By taking a blank photo with just green screen in the back we can then alter the photo to put your guests into virtually any setting or magazine cover they wish. We can even provide themed photos for carnivals, sports days, Hawaiian themes, safari, space themes, famous locations and virtually any place we can find for photos. We stock over 3500 backdrops offering more photos than most photographers can even dream about. The green screen software provides state of art digital rending for clean crisp photos. Once the photo is added into the green screen program we alter the image and place your guests into the image. We then instantly print off the photo on high gloss photo paper and put it into a plastic protective sheet for travel. For certain events we can even email the photos, burn them to discs and more. For an additional fee we can even frame the photos for each of your guests.

Some of our fantasy covers include such mock magazine favorite such as Rolling Stone, Cat Fancy, Top Dogs, Baby photos, Money magazine, Time Life, National Geographic, People, Outdoors, Newsweek, Sports Illustrated, Weddings, Travel, Places, Vegas, Kids, Cosmo, Teen, Vogue and many more to choose from. We will also keep the photos clean and appropriate for any event. We follow your requests to the letter.

This is simply put one of the hottest party items we have seen in a long time. It is a sure crowd pleaser for any event. Fantasy magazine covers are a huge hit for all ages teens and adults alike. Each photo only takes a few minutes for instant results. The options and photos are almost endless we can even customize your event to a tailored theme or style. Being able to take home a photo of the day will add years of smiles and good memories for whoever has the green screen photo done. Call us today to discuss this exciting party option and pricing.

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