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LED Uplighting
LED Uplighting

LED uplighting is one of the newest options that is sweeping the event scene. Whether it be a wedding, prom, private party or any function needing high quality lighting options LED is way to do it. LED diodes in years past were not as bright or functional, but within the last 5 years that has all changed. The new High output LED offer clean bright and very vivid colors even more so than older style lamps. In the old days a plastic gel sheet would be placed in front of lamp and then projected on a surface and some of the lamps would reach 1000watts each. Not to mention they get hot real hot and can cause burns to exposed skin and cause fires if not watched carefully. LED lighting fixtures do not get hot and are extremely energy efficient and do not burn out.

LED lighting fixtures are very popular at weddings where any color can be selected and even match wedding colors. Generally the LED lights are placed all throughout the room on the floor aimed upward. Each LED fixture has a dual yoke allowing easy adjustment of the light beam. Our technicians place the lights all around the room perfecting a perfect array of light and extreme color. Our LED fixtures offer just about any color choice you can think of such as red, green, blue, purple, yellow, orange, hot pink, aqua and a lot more. We generally suggest a lot of 12 LED uplights but we can customize any package to meet your needs or size of the room. We also offer some excellent packages with our LED lighting with Disc Jockeys, Photobooths, Custom logos and our Midnight Sky laser effect.

Some other exciting options are our custom logo where we can project your wedding name and date or special event on the wall using our high end projectors. A fine cut metal laser disc called a gobo is made and then inserted into our 300watt projector and then shot on the wall. This creates a nice dramatic effect for any special event.

Another popular item is our new Midnight Sky effect which creates exactly what is says a midnight sky on the ceiling. We dim the lights and then in an instant we project hundreds or tiny stars on the ceiling using our green laser with a diffraction grading to split the beam hundreds of times. To make the effect even better is comes with a blue nebula effect which creates a blue cloud above the room in the stars. We have worked with lasers for 20 years and this effect is truly breath taking when turned on and is something totally unique, or we would not use it! Ask about our Midnight Sky effect.